Tahini Halva with Cocoa 200gr

Koska Tahin Kakaolu Helva 

Sesame Paste (57%)

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Tahini Halva with Cocoa 200gr

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  • Halva has high tahini content. Its quality and delicious taste are the results of Koska’s manufacturing its tahini 100% from sesame seeds with its proficiency in production in its own continuous facilities.

    Fat is not one of the ingredients used to make halva. Halva is made of tahini and sugar. It should be preserved at room temperature.

    Halva is a natural, long-lasting product with no added preservatives. In case of a temperature change it can become oily but does not spoil. When left uncovered it can gather moisture and soften but it will revert back to its original texture if trimmed with a knife.
    Koska manufactures its tahini 100% from sesame seeds in its own continuous facilities. Our tahini does not contain any additives or preservatives.
    Only two spoons of tahini is a protein source equivalent to 500 g of steak and as such supports children’s muscle development.
    It strengthens the immune system. It is rich in vitamins and minerals.
    1. Prevents age-related memory loss.
    2. Has cell regenerative properties.
    3. Increases breastmilk.
    4. Has positive effects on arteriosclerosis.
    Tahini is produced 100% from sesame seeds. Since the sesame plant does not contain cholesterol, tahini is also cholesterol-free.